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Brand Story

Mengluse brand was born in 2022. It is not only a company, but also a carrier carrying emotions and memories. It uses flowers, jewelry and home decoration to give every moment a unique emotion and freeze time in a beautiful moment. It is a story about emotion, beauty and eternity, bringing endless touching and warmth to everyone. In this fast-paced era, Mengluse allows people to feel the power of emotion again and bloom every corner of life.

Brand Positioning

With the tenet of “eternal bloom, embellishment with emotion”, the Mengluse brand advocates the use of meticulous artistic taste to integrate emotion into every product, so that beauty and emotion can bloom in the long river of time. Whether it is gift giving or decoration, Mengluse is committed to creating more emotional exchanges, so that everyone can feel the warmth and strength of emotions.

Product Series

The product line of Mengluse brand is rich and colorful, and each product is a unique interpretation of beauty and emotion.

Preserved Flowers

Mengluse selects only the most perfect, beautiful and vibrant flowers. Our team of floral experts use advanced techniques to keep the flowers in their natural, fresh cut look. Instead of letting them dry, they go through a rehydration process, which freezes the beauty and life of flowers in eternity. Every preserved flower and dried flower is a quiet emotion, allowing love and beauty to continue in time.

Personalized Jewelry Matching

Jewelry collections are not just decorations, but expressions of emotion. Mengluse provides personalized jewelry and rose selections, so that every piece of jewelry is closely connected with a personal story.

Home Decor

The Home Decor Collection is dedicated to bringing warmth and comfort to the home. Every piece of home decoration is like a bouquet of flowers, injecting natural beauty into every corner of the home and making life better.

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