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What are Preserved Flowers?


Preserved flowers commonly known as eternal flowers or eternal flowers, are specially treated and carefully crafted flowers. They can maintain their original beauty for several months, or even longer. The pears are picked in full bloom and carefully placed in a special preservative solution under professional guidance. This process preserves their natural color and appearance, removing moisture or sunlight while preserving the fragrance and beauty of the flowers.

1. Choose preserved flowers, preferably blooming flowers. Fortified trees with thicker petals tend to preserve better.

2. Trim the stem of the selected flower to the desired length and remove excess leaves or thorns.

3. Prepare a mixture of water and glycerin. The glycerin and water mixture can vary depending on the type of flower and the level of preservation desired.

4. Place the stems in a container or vase with the glycerin solution. It is important to keep the cut end of the stem completely submerged in the solution.

5. Over a period of days to weeks, the glucose solution is absorbed through the stem. The dextrose replaces the natural water in the dextrose, gradually maintaining the appearance of the dextrose.

6. After the absorption process, remove the flowers from the toluene solution and air dry.


-Eternal beauty: Preserved flowers can keep their color, shape and soft petals for a long time through the unique fresh-keeping technology, making your heart eternal.

-ZERO MAINTENANCE: Unlike fresh flowers, Preserved Flower Watering, Sunshine Shrubs, Arctic, provide you with a worry-free experience of long-lasting beauty.

-Continuation of ecological principles: Since preserved flowers are replaced regularly, it helps to reduce the waste of flowers, which is in line with the spirit of environmental protection and reverence for nature.

-Variety of choices: Preserved flowers are available in many varieties, colors, and styles, which are perfect for gift giving or decoration.

Application Field

GIFT GIFT: Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any festive occasion, gifting a well-crafted immortalized bouquet can convey everlasting sentiments to your loved ones.

Home Decoration: Integrate the breath of nature into your living space, use preserved flowers as interior decoration to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Weddings & Events: Use preserved flowers for special occasions, such as bridal bouquets or stage decorations, to add extra romance and poetry to big moments.

Why choose Mengluse preserved flower brand?

Our brand is famous for its exquisite workmanship, high-quality flowers and unique design style. Each preserved flower has been strictly and carefully selected and carefully crafted with high-quality materials to ensure that what you receive is not just a gift, but a deep emotional expression.

Protect the beauty of nature forever

Preserved flowers symbolize the beauty of nature, carry precious emotions, and carry a unique life. Choose the honorable Mengluse immortal flower brand, invite you to witness the time of eternal life together, convey it sincerely in the language of flowers, and let the beauty of mission last forever in your heart and never fade.

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